School Trustee

Sarb has been a federal public servant for 22 years. She has three children in the Langley public school system, and is is a parent of a son with special needs.

Educators are doing the best they can with resources available to them.

However, at times it feels like kids with special needs are being pushed through the system so long as they check the boxes on their ILP. I want to make it better for them and their parents.


About Sarb

Sarb has been a federal public servant for 22 years. She graduated from Douglas College with a diploma in Criminology. Her experience working within the federal government has given her a sound knowledge of the legal system and provided her with the skills to mitigate high stress situations and facilitate conflict resolution. These are tools that she will bring to her role as a school trustee.

Sarb has lived in the Township of Langley for 18 years. Her three children have spent the entirety of their school careers in the Langley Public School system.

Sarb's son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of five, while he was in kindergaretn. His diagnosis resulted in Sarb building close relationships with his teachers and EAs throughout the years. However, as an involved parent she has also experienced some challenges when dealing with school administrative teams, this was a big part of her decision to put her name forward for School Trustee.

Sarb is passionate about finding ways to address the bullying challenges we have in our schools. Her oldest daughter was a victim to bullying and suffered daily torment throughout her grade 9 school year.

She believes that when kids are being bullied there needs to be a more transparent process put in place where parents can see the mechanisms in each stage of the conflict resolution; both among the students and their teachers.

Sarb lives with her husband Roger and three children in Brookswood.

As a parent of a child with special needs, I want to have confidence that when my son graduates he will have the skills needed to continue his education or achieve sustainable employment.

— Sarb Rai