Tim is a retired fire captain that served over 27 years in Surrey. He has years of community service, advocacy for firefighters and ongoing charity work and the experience we need on Council.

We need to catch-up up growth, modernize our fire service, expand our youth sports infrastructure and programming and make real progress on homelessness. I want to be part of a great team to get that done.


About Tim

Tim Baillie is a retired fire captain serving over 27 years in Surrey. During his time in the fire service, he was a community activist and has been recognized as a good example to people in relation to employment and networking.

He was asked to speak to the British Columbia Teachers Federation’s Annual General Meeting, when they were taking a vote on whether they would join the BC Federation of Labour. He spoke from experience about community relations role of Labour, and why teachers would benefit from joining the federation.

He was the co-chair the Community and Social Action Committee of the New Westminster and District Labour Council, a body of over 50,000 union members, to help the unions understand the role unions can play in the community and how this can positively affect their workplaces.

He started and ran the program that speaks to the students of Surrey on all aspects of professional fire fighting and the interaction with the community. This role keys on areas such as volunteering and the way it can positively influence future employment possibilities.

Following those initiatives, Tim was asked to speak to career classes on how community activism can help students gain employment through networking and interaction with community leaders.

On behalf of the United Way of the Lower Mainland, he spoke to companies and employee groups about leadership, fundraising, and social planning. This lead to representing the social sector in the Greater Vancouver Regional District’s (GVRD) Economic Sustainability Forum, where he made sure that the social service sector was not forgotten in the planning of the future economy of the Lower Mainland.

On behalf of the Surrey Food Bank, he was a key presenter at the annual fundraiser. This is the only fund raiser that the Surrey Food Bank does and now raises in excess of $100,000.00 per annum.

He represented the firefighters of British Columbia for more than 20 years. He lobbied, and achieved to get legislation enacted to provide coverage for presumptive cancers. Cancer is the number one killer of firefighters.

Community Service

  • Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 728
        2nd Vice President, 1977-1979
        Political Action Committee, 1977-1979
  • International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1271
        Registrar, 1994-1999
        Chair Political Action Committee, 1994-1999
        WCB Advocate, 1994–2003
        Delegate, New Westminster and District Labour Council, 1995–2004
  • British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters Association (BCPFFA)
        Lower Mainland Vice President, 2000–2008
        Legislative Committee (Chair), 2000-2008
        OH&S Committee (WCB)(Chair 2004-06), 2000–2008
        Lower Mainland First Responder Committee, 2000–2002
        Lower Mainland Bargaining Council Chair, 2000-2008
        Provincial Rope Rescue Coordinating Committee 2002-2006
        Mental Health and Wellness Committee 2021-Present
  • BCPFFA Burn Fund Board of Directors, 2004-2012
        Convention Education & Building Proposal Committee 2004-2012
        Building Committee Co-Chair 2006-2012
        Organizer and Burn Fund Run Race Director 2008-2012
        Burn Awareness Week Chair 2010-2012
        Member of American Burn Association 2010-2012
  • New Westminster and District Labour Council Executive
        Member at large, 1998–2004
        United Way Representative, 1998 –2004
        Co-Chair, Social Action and Community Committee, 1999–2004
  • British Columbia Federation of Labour
        Legislative and Research Committee, 2000–2005
        Political Action Committee, 2000–2005
        Occupational Health and Safety Committee, 2000-2009
        Occupational Health and Safety Education Pilot Project, 2001-2009
        Vanoc OH&S facilitator 2006-2010
        Executive Council, 2007-2008
        Sargeant-at-Arms Committee 2000-2010 (Co-Chair 2002-2016)
  • United Way of the Lower Mainland Board of Directors, 1998-2004
        Campaign Labour Committee, 1998–2004
        Labour Committee of the Board, 1998–2004
        Michael Wayne McDonnell Committee 2000-2004
        Leadership Presenter, 2002-2014
  • Surrey Food Bank Board of Directors, 1994–1997, 2007-2018
        Volunteer, 1994-2018
        Fundraising Speaker 2000-2016
        Vice-President 2011-2015
        Member 2015-Present
  • Bread For Life Program, 1998–Present
        Started this program for fire fighters (Feed the homeless monthly) (I retired 1999)
        Cob’s Bread Program (Weekly Bread Recovery Program) 2009-Present
  • Surrey Fire Fighters Career Program, 1994–2004
  • Vibrant Surrey
        Steering Committee, 2001-2007
        Poverty Committee, 2001-2007
        roject Comeback Committee, 2005-2007
  • Surrey Social Purchasing Portal Advisory Board 2005-2007
    Greater Vancouver Regional District, Economic Sustainability Committee, 2002-2003
    Annual Labour Christmas Dinner, Co-Organizer (Surrey) 1998-2018
    New Orleans Disaster Relief Team, Organized and Lead a Katrina Relief Team, January 2006
    Newton Advocacy Group Society (NAGS), Board of Directors, 2006-2009
    Protein for People, Advisory Committee, 2006-2014
    Citizen’s Advisory Board (Surrey Remand Centre), 2008-2014
    Surrey Community Advisory Committee (Grandview Heights), 2008-2012
    Drop It and Drive (DIAD) Presenter, 2010-Present
    Surrey Urban Mission Board, 2012-2015
    Surrey Crime Prevention Society Board, 2012-2018
    Supreme Commander of Toque Tuesday Hockey Day, 2011-Present

Community Activism

He has more than 25 years of personal and professional experience with homelessness programming and people living in poverty. He started "Toque Tuesday", where he is known as the Supreme Commander. Toque Tuesday is an annual community ball-hockey tournament, that supports the Raising the Roof national campaign “by working to provide solutions for those experiencing homelessness in the community.”

He has coached youth sports for more than 40 years and understands the need to create opportunities for inclusivity and activities for all young people. Sports participation creates opportunity to learn life-long skills around communication, teamwork, and physical literacy that supports physical and mental wellness.


Surrey Minor Lacrosse Coach of the Year, 1992
Coyote Creek Elementary School Volunteer of the Year, 1998/99
Surrey Fire Fighter of the Year Nominee, 2001
Local 1271 Meritious Award, 2002
Surrey Leader’s Community Leader (Emergency Services), 2004
Local 1271 Axe Award, 2004
South Fraser Community Services “Homeless Hero” Award, 2004
United Way of the Lower Mainland “Joe Morris” Award, 2004
MS Society of Canada Opal Award Nominee, 2005
Federal Exemplary Service Medal, 2005
RCMP Group Citation, 2005
NAGS Project Comeback recognition Award, 2006
BCPFFA Honourary Member, 2008
BCPFFA Vice-President Emeritus, 2010
BC Provincial Long Service Medal, 2011
IAFF Burn Foundation Fitness Team Top Fundraiser, 2011

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

Personal Life

Without a doubt his most challenging and rewarding experience is that of being a single parent to his two sons Kyle and Reese. This experience taught him more than any other educational or personal event and has given him a unique set of eyes to view the world with.

Tim is also an active member of the Surrey Firefighters Pipes & Drum Band.

Tim lives with his partner Karen in South Langley. He shares the property with his younger son and daughter in-law, two young grandchildren, and, of course, the family dog Fergus.