A Pool & Community Centre for Willoughby



TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY, BC — August 16th, 2022 — The Contract With Langley team today announced that it will build and open a new indoor pool, community and youth centre at Yorkson Community Park in Willoughby. The team confirmed that will be completed and open within 2025.

"Today, we have committed to build a great new facility in the geographic centre of Willoughby within walking distance of tens of thousands current and future residents, " said Eric Woodward, a current Township of Langley Councillor and Mayoral candidate. "Depsite the long-term projection of 100,000 residents, or more, there is currently no plan for one at all. We will fix it." he added.

There will be a youth centre as well, for expanded youth options, drop-in and gathering and programming areas. "Expanded options and facilties to support youth sports and options is a huge focus for me, and the whole team. Something like this is so overdue. I can't believe there is no plan for one. We will change that," said Tim Baillie, a Contract With Langley caniddate for Council.

There will be a number of other benefits, such as improving access and capacity issues at Walnut Grove Community Centre for Walnut Grove residents, and everyone within Langley, improved times for swimming lessons, and an expansion of health and fitness options for so many Willoughby residents to come together and build a sense of community and civic pride.

"Yorkson Community Park is that just that — a community park, still waiting to get finished. Within walking distance to the most residents in the geographic heart of Willoughby and next to Willoughby Town Centre, this is the natural spot for it," said Eric Woodward. "We aleady have the land, parking and location for a great addition to a growing community," he added.

A great, new indoor pool and community centre for seniors and youth will be a game changer. We need a team committed to getting it done, no excuses, no political doublespeak.

— Eric Woodward

There is no excuse for not having a plan to build a proper community centre in Willouhgby for what be at least 100,000 residents. Our Contract with Langley taxpayers will change that.

— Tim Baillie
About Eric Woodward

Eric Woodward is serving his 1st term on Township of Langley Council. He was first elected to Council in 2018, finishing 2nd in his first election.

Before Council, he was the President of the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association for five years, 2012-2017, and a vital part of revitalizing Fort Langley's commercial core.

Before that, he was an entreprener within the internet industry in the 1990s and 2000s, co-founding multiple successful companies. He has a degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia.

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About Contract With Langley

The Contract With Langley is a registered elector organization with Elections BC. It is endorsing 1 Mayoral candidate, 6 Council candidates and 3 school trustee candidates in the October 15th local locations.

Media contact for Contract With Langley is Eric Woodward,, 604.725.3810.