A Contract With Langley



TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY, BC — August 9th, 2022 — Eric Woodward today announced that he will be running for Mayor along with a team for Township of Langley Council and the SD35 Board of Education in the upcoming municipal election set for October 15th, 2022.

The team will run within a new Elector Organization under the shared banner of a Contract with Langley that will propose an ambitous Plan for Progress and A Plan for Schools. The team will be announced over the coming next few weeks. The team's full platform will be released in September.

"As I have been trying to bring new ideas to Township of Langley Council to serve residents, taxpayers and small business owners these past four years, I have seen firsthand how our communities has missed opportunity after opportunity to move forward in a better and more prepared way," said Eric Woodward.

"As just one example among many, in the 2018 municipal election, 5 people that were elected to Council promised to make 208th Street a top priority, but then proceeded to vote down obvious solutions. This is why we need a Contract with Langley, to give voters confidence that we have a great team with a new vision for our future, that will do what it said it will do," he added.

"I can't wait for Township of Langley voters to see what could be possible for our community's future with The Right Team and A Plan for Progress, and a firm commitment to actually get things done."

Woodward added that there are new, qualified people willing to run for Council and the Board of Education, but only to make real progress within a team that can actually get things done.

"We are not running just to be elected, do little and/or silently serve a status quo that isn't gettting the job done for us. We are here for residents and a clear purpose: to catch-up with growth and put in a place a plan for the future. Our campaign will clearly demonstrate that. And then voters can render their judgement," Woodward said.

About Eric Woodward

Eric Woodward is serving his 1st term on Township of Langley Council. He was first elected to Council in 2018, finishing 2nd in his first election.

Before Council, he was the President of the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association for five years, 2012-2017, and a vital part of revitalizing Fort Langley's commercial core.

Before that, he was an entreprener within the internet industry in the 1990s and 2000s, co-founding multiple successful companies. He has a degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia.

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About Contract With Langley

The Contract With Langley is a registered elector organization with Elections BC. It is endorsing 1 Mayoral candidate, 6 Council candidates and 3 school trustee candidates in the October 15th local locations.

Media contact for Contract With Langley is Eric Woodward,, 604.725.3810.